Dyson hp02 vs hp06

If you check the chatter about HP01 vs.

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HP02 vs. HP04these 2 preconceptions here are just the start. Same features. Same design. If you compare HP01 versus HP02, they even have exactly the same specification. Most important of all, this is the most advanced Dyson series. All the 3 models are — via the Triple Function — capable of operating as:. And there is a lot of praise for the DP So, obviously, there must be certain differences if you compare Dyson HP01 vs. HP04 head-to-head. We look at everything — all the specs, the filters, airflow, coverage area, noise rates, special features, prices, and existing reviews — to answer just one thing:.

HP04 specifications in one big comparison table. Close to the end, you will also find the available deals for all the 3 models, if applicable. LM, however, finds it fair to be equally thorough with every air purifier assessment:.

Filters are the most important parts of any air purifiers. They are the very thing that captures large and small particles, as well as adsorb undesired odors. HEPA filters are necessary; they are independently tested to remove more than Compared to HP02, the HP04 is different. That activated carbon is a major difference when it comes to adsorbing smells.

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Example: If you want to use an air purifier to remove cigarette smokethe HP04 would be the best option. As we have already written in the full guide on Dyson air purifiersDyson is very shy when it comes to revealing recommended room sizes. Note: Dyson primarily produces all kind of fan-based devices. They love to put airflow in their air purifier specification. Performance-wise the HP04 is a more powerful floor unit. It can be used to remove airborne particles in larger rooms than HP01 and HP This is a floor-based air purifier.

HP01 and HP02 have a smaller airflow and can be used in standard-sized rooms. They are also desk-based. Dyson is almost equally shy regarding noise levels as is with CADR rating and room size.

【試用報告】(中字) 2019最新款!Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04三合一冷暖風空氣清新機。真的值得買嗎?-【potatofishyu】

If you check the basic specification sheets of HP01, HP02, and HP04, and compare them, you will find only 1 noise level. The only one with the known noise levels is the Dyson HP04 with 62 dB maximal noise levels. For comparison, there is no such accreditation for HP01 nor for HP That may lead us to believe they have higher noise levels than HP It needs to be said that 62 dB is quite a high noise level for an air purifier. There a whole list of other air purifier brands — such as AlenMolekuleHoneywellWinixLevoitHathaspaceOkaysouCoway — that offer devices with below 62 dB noise levels.

Why is that?Air pollution is no joke. Anyone living in a major metropolitan city, especially in Asia, knows about the perils of high AQI levels. Come November, New Delhi, where I reside, turns to pollution central. These hazardous air pollution levels are accompanied by potential health problems like coughing, colds, pain in the chest, asthma, and more.

In fact, long-term exposure to air pollution leads to the death of over 1. In light of that, air purifiers have become the norm.

Dyson HP02 vs HP04 – What They Aren’t Telling You

They are no longer considered an optional luxury. Personally, I have one installed in every room of my apartment. Xiaomi might be responsible for the democratization of clean air, but the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool sits at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 is a utilitarian box that serves just one purpose. It is more of a subtle update with just one new function. Nevertheless, unlike the Mi Air Purifier 3, this is not a purifier that you can tuck away discreetly. The tall bladeless fan commands you to place it front and center, while the perforated mesh filter looks modern enough. The Dyson Pure Hot and Cool is designed to be a statement piece instead of being tucked away in a corner.

dyson hp02 vs hp06

The Air Purifier sits about 30 inches tall and can freely oscillate at up to degrees for wider dissipation of air. However, you can limit this to as little as 45 degrees using the app. Additionally, the tilting base offers an extra degree of freedom to set the airflow exactly where you want it. It defaults to a steady stream of cool breeze the moment you switch it on.

The Dyson is more than capable of keeping you cool all the way across an average-sized living room at full blast. However, it can get pretty noisy at anything above level 5 in the settings, so you might want to keep it toned down. The other mode, as the Hot and Cool name suggests, is active heating.Dyson is known to create top-notch air purifiers, has an established reputation of almost 30 years now, and everybody loves their devices.

Their prices; not so much. Dyson air purifiers are not just a big fan that blows air through a basic HEPA filter to remove air pollutants. They have upgraded filtration systems for immaculate air purification, for one.

Namely, some of their models can, in addition to capturing air pollutants, cool you in the summer, warm you up in the winter, or even do both not at the same time, of course. Dyson has, up till now, introduced 4 different types of Dyson air purifiers. These Dyson series are with model numbers included :. We compared models within the same series in comprehensive comparison charts. In the end, you will find LearnMetrics choice for the best Dyson air purifier overall. You can also find more about all the specifications below that, with Dyson air purifier FAQ.

All of them are superb. Alen BreatheSmart and Molekule purifiers, both amazing brands, are honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as Dyson. What you really need is to figure out which Dyson air purifier fits your need perfectly. Note on buying Dyson units: Be sure to buy from an authorized seller. Currently, Dyson has about 12 models on the market.

There is, generally, quite a lot of confusion with understanding which Dyson air purifier is which and what it does.

Dyson HP06 vs Dyson HP04 purificateur d'air, quelles sont les différences ?

You will find that the 01 and 02 models have many things in common, and the 04 and 06 models likewise. The upgraded Glass HEPA Media filter include an activated carbon filter that absorbs all kinds of odors, including smoke:. Additional note: Dyson is notorious for not putting the recommended coverage area.

In addition to the triple action, here are some features Dyson offers:.

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The difference is also in HEPA filters. In short, Media filters 04 and 06 models use have incorporated activated carbon filters.Dyson is known for its stylish purifiers and fans.

These are not bulky machines, but nice and sleek, easy to clean, and also safe for everyone because of the bladeless design. The model line includes a lot of units and it's challenging to pick up what you need.

Let's talk about the Dyson fans and purifiers some of which are not only can cool but also heat the air in the room. Also, the HP series can be connected to the app, have an auto mode, etc. Spreads out the airflow to cool or heat an entire room through the back of the machine. Ideal to use when there are more than two people in the room. Perfect to use for one person for a quick warm-up. With the speel timer, a machine can be programmed to turn off after pre-set intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

In Heat Modethe machine is set to a thermostatically controlled target temperature, the machine will continue to push out warm air until the room reaches this temperature, then the warm air will switch off. When the room temperature drops below the target temperature, the machine will start to warm the room again.

In Cool Modethe machine is not thermostatically controlled and functions essentially as a powerful fan, circulating room temperature air. As it does not contain refrigerants or drip trays which are required for air conditioning, it is physically unable to reduce the room to a colder temperature, but will feel cooler due to the air movement. It does not cover a big area and is ideal for small spaces. You can control the oscillation to direct the airflow around the room. No blade design means the fan is safer even for kids.

The AM06 is quiet, it will not disturb you as you work. It is less expensive than the Tower models and can oscillate or tilt for better airflow where you want it.

The AM07 was designed for large rooms by increased airflow compared to the AM Ideal to use in large areas to cool the air. Has a different shape than the AM Compared to the AM07, this model is not spreading the air through the tower but concentrates it in one place because of its shape. It features Jet Focus technology that allows adjusting air stream from a wide-angle for whole rooms or a tight stream for a direct hit.

The AM09 has a sleek design, is bladeless which means safe for everyone, comes with a remote controller, features sleep timer. Have you ever noticed the burning smell when a heater works too long? The smell is burning dust. That means the Dyson heaters never let out that "burning dust" smell. Compared to other AM models, the AM09 can do heating and cooling, has Jet Focus technology that allows spreading the air the way you want it, able to maintain the same temperature level in the room with an intelligent thermostat built-in.

It cools the air fast, it is the cheapest among the AM Series and is good as a personal fan. If you are looking for a stylish fan to cool the living room, have a look at the Dyson AM It has a weird shape and is not the most convenient to use. Suitable for big rooms so if you are looking for a pedestal-shaped fan, go with the Dyson AMAll the products in the lineup are either 2-in-1, fan and heater, or 3-in-1, fan, heater, and purifier.

Dyson fans are known to be expensive. They are made of high-quality materials feature innovative designs. The HP04 and HP06 have 3 functions. They are capable of heating, cooling, and purifying.

The main difference between the two is in its internal power. The Dyson HP04 is capable of capturing formaldehyde while the Dyson HP06 not only captures formaldehyde, but also destroys it.

dyson hp02 vs hp06

In this article we will discuss the differences, similarities, and specifications of the HP04 and HP See Dyson HP06 on Dyson. The HP04 and HP06 are both impressive machines and they both have a lot of similarities. These fans also have an oscillation of degrees and 10 airflow settings. The design of the HP04 and HP06 are also very similar. They are both tower fans with oblong-shaped amplifiers. However, they both have different base colors.

Design-wise, these fans look amazing. Aside from the device another great feature that these two machines share is their air filtration systems. While both of them can capture harmful formaldehyde particles that can be found on many household products, the HP06 is equipped with Dyson Cryptomic technology that not only captures formaldehyde but also destroys it.

The HP04 and HP06 are ideal for people with asthma and allergies since they improve air quality. It also received the Quiet Mark accreditation for improved sound and quality. The Dyson Link App is a downloadable app created by Dyson so their customers can control and adjust settings using their mobile phones. It also allows the customers to monitor real-time air quality from their smartphones.I started using Dyson air purifiers since they released the first Dyson Pure Cool air purifier in I love their products not because they are the best performing ones but because they have a sleek design and know how to incorporate multiple functionalities into one product.

There is almost no difference in design between the two products except from the color change. In terms of hardware and functionalities, the HP06 is still an air purifier, a bladeless fan, and an electric heater. The only new feature is the fancier filters. The new filtration system includes a HEPA filter that captures Everyone is exposed to small amounts of formaldehyde; Short-term effects could be eye, skin, throat, or nose irritation while higher levels of exposure are associated with certain types of cancer.

Formaldehyde is times smaller than PM0. Most air purifiers on the market, including the previous HP04, use a deep-bed activated carbon filter to capture formaldehyde; Unfortunately, the filter would become useless once it is clogged up with formaldehyde on the surface.

After a short period of time, that chemical would bounce off the filter and come back to your room. The new Cryptomic filter on HP06 has a unique coating with the same structure as Cryptomelane mineral; It will not only trap but also break down formaldehyde molecules into water and CO2.

Some tests have been carried out to measure the effectiveness of the Cryptomic filter. The testers used professional equipments to measure the amount of formaldehyde and saw positive results after just about 5 minutes.

If you use the air purifier in the winter and are worried that the air could make you cold, you can use the backward airflow mode to project the air through the back of the machine. You can also turn on the heat to warm up your room; The heat function works pretty well and I still use it occasionally even when my house already has a gas heating system.

I can feel the hot air immediately, after just a second or two after turning the Dyson on. The LCD display on the front is very useful as it displays all important information without the need of opening Dyson Link app on your phone. You will be able to track the air quality, PM2.

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For more advanced tracking and settings, you will need to use the app. The air purifier supports voice control with Amazon Alexa and Siri. However, only Alexa is natively supported so you can control the Dyson or check air quality easily. Another limitation is that Google Home is still not supported although it has been requested by users over the years.

The Dyson HP06 has worked flawlessly since I started testing it 2 months ago. There is nothing to complain about the product and it is really great to know that my indoor air quality is improved further with the new filtration system.

Dyson HP04 vs HP06 – What They Aren’t Telling You

We at TechWalls highly recommend the product if you can afford it. Disclosure : As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The commission help keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!

dyson hp02 vs hp06

Your email address will not be published. Unboxing Video. TechWalls Rating Design - 8. Features - 9. Air Purifying - 9. Comments How to order your product? What is the next move after putting the products into the basket?

It seems to lead the potential buyers to nowhere! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Dyson manufactures some of the highest quality air purifiers on the market. If you need help deciding which one to pick, you are in the right place. The HP01 and the HP02 are almost identical except for the added Wi-Fi connectivity feature on the upgraded version while HP04 is more advanced and much more expensive.

In this article, we will be looking at the differences between the HP02 and the HP04 — skipping the HP01 since it has the exact same specs and design as the HP02 minus the Wi-Fi controls. Why 0. Because this is the size that evades most regular filters.

The HP04 comes with an LED screen that allows you to check what particles and gases are currently lingering in the room.

The HP04 also has a degrees of oscillation and can blow purified, hot, and cool air around the full radius of the room and it includes a Backward Mode — a mode where you can enjoy purified air without heating or cooling function.

On the other hand, the HP02 does not support the degree oscillation and the Backward Mode. Another major difference is the price point. Since the HP04 device has a number of additional elements and benefits it costs a little higher than the HP Dyson has a consistent design language for all of its air purifiers which distinguishes them from other brands.

The HP02 and the HP04 are very similar in terms of design, although there are some minimal differences like the HP04 is slightly bigger and heavier than the HP02it is safe to point out that the designs are the usual Dyson style. It has a long-range projection and evenly circulates the already purified, cooled, and heated air across the room. The HP01 also pivots on its own and is remote control operated — letting you control the air purifier and change modes with ease.

When it comes to the modes, the two devices have the same modes — except for the Backward Airflow Mode — they both have the following modes: Jet Focus Control, Diffused, and Night modes. The Jet Focus Control mode has a more controlled and focused air stream, the Diffused mode has a wider airflow, and the Night mode dims the display and purifies the air quietly. They also have a space heater, sports a HEPA filtration system, and fan which will distribute the purified air in the room. The air purifiers have three functions: purifying, heating, and cooling respectively.

Each purifier also has the same modes, except for the Backward Mode which is only available for the more advanced HP The Dyson HP04 uses a dual filter design and has an oscillation range of degrees while the HP02 only has a range of degrees. Both have 10 precise airflow settings, have sleep timer, and can tilt. The HP04 is a little larger than its predecessor. It weighs No, Dyson does not disable it. You can only use the remote to control the heat in the HP The HP04 also has a Backward Mode — a mode where you can enjoy purified air without heating or cooling function.

Picking which model to get, whether the HP02 or the HP04, can be a tough decision. So here are the things that you might want to consider before buying:. It gets the job done and honestly, aside from the new filters and the Backward mode, nothing else is new.

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Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Dyson manufactures some of the highest quality air purifiers on the market. Does Dyson disable the control for the heat on the Dyson Link App and require you to use the remote?

Will the device warm the floor? Can you get replacement remote controls? Can the air purifier run without the fan or heat?